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State Laws: Top 10 Weirdest Laws about Marijuana

Some states in the country has weed laws which also vary from other states which also has this law, thus they may vary on the limitation and application of the cannabis. For example in the state of Colorado and Oregon, in these states they allow the use of marijuana for recreational use. In addition, medicinal marijuana is allowed in the state of Florida. Still there are over 20 states that allows the use of marijuana, click here for the list of these states.

Bit interested on these states about their weed laws? Here are top 10 weirdest state law about the weed.

1# State of Arizona

Well amongst the states that supported the use of marijuana, the state of Arizona has the most strictest laws about weed. Even so this is not the kind of state you want to get red-handed.

Medical dispensaries his on the rise since it was approved, but if your dream was to have dispensary within the state then consider not moving your location, they will charged you for it.

2nd Nevada

In the state of Nevada, all weed dispensaries are oblige to follow the Two-font Rule. In other words all dispensaries are only to choose on two kinds of font for their business signage.

3# South Dakota

Quick trivia: Have ever know that you can be punished for smoking weed outside the state of Dakota if you are a citizen there? Also you will get penalized for about $2000 and also a maximum of a year of imprisonment.

No.4 Michigan

Back in 1937, the state of Michigan has approved the “Marihuana Tax Act” and even in 2008 they have passed the “Michigan Medical Marihuana Act” without even changing the spelling of the law.

5# Washington DC

In the state of Washington they prohibits their citizen or weed sellers to sell marijuana near a gasoline stations and in auto repair shops.

No.6 Maine

The state of Maine charges up to 7{def3383cd715dc0697ec00f52a493d3b890ce1a46295eede991134c596a326f5} more on every marijuana edibles because of the “Meal Tax” approved on the state.

7th Connecticut

This state prohibits the use of light bulbs in signage of any dispensaries within them.

8# Delaware

Advertising your dispensary in only allowed on physical phone directories or phone book, well that sucks.

9th Oregon

The state of Oregon they only allowed Arial and Time New Roman for the font of the signage of any dispensaries.

10# Massachusetts

They prohibit the selling of other products within a dispensary establishment other than marijuana products. With this, forget about planning a mass advertising on your establishment and redirect that with more personal advertising with your customer.

Quotes: straight from the source